Marcus Lee knows he has to adjust so he fouls less


Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

Marcus Lee admits it has been a “rough couple weeks” for him and he hopes to be back on track when Kentucky hosts Missouri Wednesday night.

What would  likely help Lee more than anything is avoiding foul trouble.

“Fouls have been very crazy lately, especially for me. But I guess that’s the way they’re calling it now and that’s something I have to adjust to. That’s what I’ve been doing and trying to work on, fouling less. I know that if I stay in the game, we’ll do better and I’ll feel more confident,” Lee said.

Coach John Calipari has urged his players to start asking different questions of themselves. Lee understands.

“Instead of asking why they’re fouling or why they’re calling the fouls, or why it’s not going my way, I can ask a different question. Like how can I fix it, or just try to step back and figure out what’s really going on,”  Lee said.

“It’s been an issue for me especially because I’m one that I feel like I have to be on the court for energy. I can’t do what I do from the bench, I can’t help my team from the bench. So that’s something that I really need to stay focused on.”

Is it hard to bring energy but also avoid fouls?

“Definitely because those are two things that kind of collide, having so much energy and learning when to back up and kind of play conservative. That’s been something I’ve been really trying to figure out,” Lee said.

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