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Calipari: Teammates not doing enough puts Ulis in “bad spot”


Tyler Ulis is having to compensate too often for what teammates are not doing. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Tyler Ulis is having to compensate too often for what teammates are not doing. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Tyler Ulis has been Kentucky’s best and most consistent player this year. Kentucky coach John Calipari says his sophomore guard is doing that even though he’s having to do too much to make up for what others are not doing.

“When you have a couple guys that aren’t doing what they’re capable of doing every game, it puts him in a bad spot. He has to make plays or take shots that he shouldn’t have to take, but he wants to win so bad that he does it anyway,” Calipari said.

“Like, he was disappointed in himself (after Auburn loss) – ‘I should’ve done more.’ He gets his shot blocked because we can’t get anybody to attack the rim and he grabs it back and makes a basket. He makes a layup late that puts us up two – crazy. Then our team doesn’t run back for the game-winner. Just don’t run back. And he’s gotta foul a guy and it ends up being an and-one, and that’s how you lose?

“So we’ve got a lot of stuff that we’re trying to work through. Some of it is just us settling into how we’ve got to do this and guys accepting it.”


  1. I’ve been saying this a long time. Ulis can’t get assists if no one is open to pass the ball to so they can shoot. They stand around too much.

    I have to bring this back to the new shot clock. There is no time to set up an offense like in the past. By the time Ulis waits for the players to get set there’s no time left to run a play. The team has to run more pro type sets. I knew this would happen. I hate that shot clock. It’s ruined the game IMO. It’s no longer basketball. It’s hot dog show time just like the NBA. But some NBA teams have learned to get into their set immediately after they come out of their transition patterns. It takes a bunch of practice to get that right though and college teams just don’t have the time.

    They have to go right into a pick and roll right from the start. No setting up the whole offense especially considering it doesn’t help them anyway. Players don’t seem to know what to do when they get set up.

    This stuff is incredibly obvious IMO. LIke the 3 point shot the 30 second clock is changing the game tremendously and coaches that don’t adapt will be lost. And a team full of freshmen is going to really struggle because they don’t have time to learn the way the game works at this speed. Cal has worked wonders in the past but things have changed and he really needs to adapt too. He’s a great coach but I don’t think he sees this. They end up with no time left on the shot clock far too often. The reason is the slow time setting up the offense. It really needs to change.

    1. Count on Ulis way too much

      1. Absolutely. The whole team just expects him to do everything. I can still hear Rupp screaming about players moving without the ball. This team has a big lack of that. The good part is it is correctable. I thought Willis played his first real game against Auburn even if they did lose. At least he was trying to play D and doing a pretty good job of it. Lee and Alex both failed to show up at all. They won’t go far like that.

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