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Jamal Murray “slowing down” to recognize winning shots


Jamal Murray admits he sometimes takes shots he believes he can make that UK coaches don't consider good shots. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Jamal Murray admits he sometimes takes shots he believes he can make that UK coaches don’t consider good shots. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Freshman Jamal Murray is “just slowing down” to try and make sure he understands what is a good shot and not just a shot he feels he can make no matter what.

“I didn’t shoot a very good percentage (in Saturday’s loss at Auburn) and there were a lot of shots that I could make, but they’re shots I shouldn’t have taken,” Murray said. “It’s a process. I’m not going to say it’s hard or easy, but sometimes you just have so much confidence in your shot, you don’t know which one to take. So Coach and I just talk about shot selection and all that.”

Kentucky has also developed a bad habit of letting big leads slip away.

“We just have to stop the bleeding like Coach says. When we’re on a run, we can’t get lax and feel too comfortable with our lead. We have to know that we want to try and blow them out,” Murray said.

Murray said there’s never a game UK doesn’t want to win or try to win. The problem is UK is not always matching the intensity other teams have that want to beat UK.

“The other team and they’re coming out harder and throwing the first punches at us. It just seems like we’re never ready for it at the start of the games. We just have to be consistent with our play and find a way to get better every day,” Murray said.

They also have to learn to win on the road and would like that to start at Arkansas Thursday night.

“It’s fun playing on the road. You have your own energy and everybody is against you. You have a little section in the crowd with your fans. You’re going against another team. It’s just a different feeling,” Murray said.

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