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Calipari does not expect Poythress to play this week


Alex Poythress (Vicky Graff Photo)

Alex Poythress (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky coach John Calipari doesn’t expect Alex Poythress to play Thursday night against Tennessee or at Texas A&M Saturday.

He’s been out since injuring his knee — reports are he had surgery but no one at UK has confirmed that — and Calpari said today that Poythress “did some stuff yesterday” on his own.

“I don’t know exactly what he did, but I saw him stretch and I heard he went out on the court and did some stuff,” Calipari said.

Poythress was originally expected to be out two weeks and then there was speculation he might be out longer.

“You’d have to talk to (athletic trainer) Chris (Simmons), but you know, when a guy gets hurt for me sometimes I forget their name. I’m like focused on the guys that are playing and just OK. And then when he comes back, ‘Hey man, what’s your name, by the way?’” Calipari said.

I doubt he’ll forget Poythress. I also doubt we will get to ask Simmons about his return since Simmons, like others who work for Calipari, is off limits to the media.


  1. Sometimes Calipari sounds ridiculous to me in some things he says. The Poythrus injury has been a big mystery and remains so to this day. I guess he is trying to be funny here or something. Whatever.

  2. even if it was something minor like mensicus, it takes more than 2 weeks typically, , speaking from experience.

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