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Instincts took over when Briscoe held Calipari back


Players restrain John Calipari at South Carolina. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Players restrain John Calipari at South Carolina. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Isaiah Briscoe said he had never seen a coach ejected as quickly as John Calipari was Saturday at South Carolina and it was “instincts” that prompted him to make sure he held the coach back when he got livid at official Doug Sirmons.

“I wasn’t expecting that. I’m sure the team wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t hear Coach Cal say anything to the ref, but the ref did what he had to do and before Coach left we told him, ‘Coach, we got this. Don’t worry about it. You always have our back. You always put us first. We got your back on this one,'” Briscoe said Wednesday.

“I think the next timeout or whatever, we said, ‘Yo, we gotta go beat this team by 30. They threw our Coach out the game. Let’s go beat them by 30.'”

Kentucky did rout the Gamecocks after Calipari was ejected just 2 1/2 minutes into the game after a foul was called on South Carolina.

“I mean when it was happening I was just like, watching and looking like, ‘Woah, Coach.’ Then I saw him get the first technical, and then once he got the second one I saw Jamal (Murray) holding him back. He was kind of like muscling Jamal so I went over there and helped Jamal,” Briscoe said.

Briscoe  joked that he thought Calipari had got that mad in practice before but it took everyone to hold him back Saturday.

“Coach is strong. Coach is strong. At the same time, he’s our coach, so I don’t think he was even paying attention to me and Jamal holding him back. He was just trying to talk to the ref,” Briscoe said.

“I was wondering, like, what would have happened if we didn’t hold him back. But I guess he wasn’t trying to see what would have happened so we were just protecting our coach.”

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  1. Gotta love a man who stands his ground. Sic ’em Coach.

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