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Calipari has no update on Derek Willis


Kentucky coach John Calipari said on the SEC Coaches Teleconference this morning that he had no update yet on junior forward Derek Willis.

Willis turned his ankle in the second half of Saturday’s loss at Texas A&M and did not return to the game.

“I have not seen Derek. I cannot tell you how bad it is,” Calipari said when I asked him about Willis.

He did add that Alex Poythress, out with a knee injury, did work out Sunday but he was not sure if he could “go or not” this week.

Calipari may it sound like junior Dominique Hawkins is a player he may turn to more now that he is fully recovered from his ankle injury. “Dom is healthy now. I am just glad he came back and now he can make shots and change how we play a little bit.”


  1. It looks like to me a head coach would make it his priority to check on a player like Willis who has given so much, who has been a pleasant surprise this year. about his health and well being, and then be ready to report the results asap to faithful fans who are just concerned about the team. It just seems strange to me. Hey we have cell phones today to text people, twitter accounts, snapchat, team managers, other coaches to contact people, plus the old fashion way of two legs. There is the Willis injury and then couple that with the fact nobody has a clue about Poythrus to date. Don’t that seem strange? It does to me.

  2. Mr. Larry Pup, I was thinking the same thing and I would like to think that Coach Cal checks on his players and maybe defers giving updates till the medical staff weighs in. But I agree with you in that he should be checking on his players no matter the injury or situation.

  3. Yeah does seem kind of weird sometimes. But Cal is not anywhere near the only coach who does the song and dance facade with injuries.

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