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Guest post: Kentucky Women Sports Talk has unique format

Vaught’s note: Kentucky Women Talk Sports airs every Saturday at 1 p.m.  on 970 AM. You can also listen on iHeart Radio and this week I will join Maria Taustine on the show. Give us a listen. Here’s Taustine explaining more about her unique background and show.


Maria Tuastina, right, and

Maria Tuastina, right, and Daryl Foust.

When people hear I have my own sports talk radio show, I always get the question, how did you get your own show? Well, my first exposure to radio was at Kentucky Sports Radio. I definitely have to thank my boss, Matt Jones, for taking a chance on me when I had zero radio experience at the time. I have been helping their producer, Shannon Grigsby, for three years now in addition to some other responsibilities on KSR’s blog as well.

‏But, I always try to think in the back of my head, what is the next step for me career-wise and what can I do to set myself apart in the profession? Two years ago, I found out a radio company in Louisville was interested in a female-run sports talk radio show. I thought that was a pretty neat idea and it’s not exactly common.

I also figured there isn’t a better way to grow than to take on a new challenge. So I decided to be a part of the creation of Kentucky Women Talk Sports. Now to be clear, I had very little on-air experience at the time so it was a little nerve-racking to say the least. But, there probably isn’t an internship out there that would have allowed me to learn more about the business than having my own show.

I really was given no guidelines and had complete control over the planning of every show, that includes contacting guests in the industry. For one, it’s been an incredible way to network. I never would have met the great Larry Vaught and I never would have been connected with another one of my guests, Aaron Torres of You might have heard of his book “One and Fun” on coach John Calipari’s first team at Kentucky. Aaron was kind enough to also take a chance on me by allowing me to be his editor and handle the promotional work related to his book. You can learn more at (shameless plug).

‏I never would have been on the air without my show manager, Todd Burns. However I also would not be on the air for two years now without my co-host. Ashley Anderson was with me at the start of the show. She had prior television and other media experience but never a radio show. It was fun getting to learn and grow together. I laugh thinking about some of our early shows. Ashley eventually took on a new career venture, so now my cohost is Daryl Foust. We’ve also grown together on the show. She has really brought some great guests to our radio show.

‏Now one thing that makes our show unique is I’m a UK fan and they are UL fans. Strangely enough we do get along ha. So, UK and UL news stories are certainly our focus, however we also discuss whatever the biggest topics are in the sports world during the week (March Madness, College Football, NBA, NFL Playoffs, etc.). We also generally try to bring on two guests every show. I can’t thank Larry enough for being a big supporter of our show from the very beginning!

‏If you’re interested in learning more about our show, Kentucky Women Talk Sports, it comes on every Saturday at 1 p.m. ET on 970 am. You can also listen on iHeart Radio or catch us on podcast. We love interacting with our listeners so give us a shout on twitter @KyWomen_Sports or on our Facebook page.

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