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Marijuana charge leads to Jason Hatcher being kicked off team


Jason Hatcher (Vicky Graff Photo)

Jason Hatcher (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky’s defense took a big hit today when defensive end Jason Hatcher was kicked off the team.

Kentucky issued this statement after news broke that Hatcher had been cited for trafficking marijuana: “Jason Hatcher, a defensive end/linebacker on the University of Kentucky football team, has been dismissed for violation of team rules, Coach Mark Stoops has announced. UK has no additional comment.”

Hatcher was stopped for speeding in Franklin County when the officer smelled marijuana and found marijuana on Hatcher and in the car.

He had previously been cited for marijuana possession in May 2014 and given a second chance to stay on the team by Stoops. He  had 47 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss and 3.5 quarterback sacks in 21 career games.



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  1. What a waste. This young man needs help. Hey, Stoops did what he had to do. Hatcher had plenty of chances. Next man up.

    On another matter, I just read Charlie Strong is under investigation for a incident at Louisville.

    1. You think it might be something in the Louisville water?

  2. Waste of talent. Drug trafficking is serious. Why throw your life away and sit in prison for what? I can only imagine Stoops dissapointment after giving him multiple chances to.shape up. I hope you find some help Jason. Never too late to turn things around.

    1. Sure does put Barker’s game of “Secret Agent” in proper perspective, doesn’t it?

  3. Like’em or not, life has rules. Heck of a way to find out. Things like this infuriates me. The kid has been given an opportunity that some kids that didn’t get the recognition in high school and that may actually perform better than Jason would die for. His reaction is to be a street thug. Get some help Jason. You need it.

  4. Life does have rules and a kid in his position had way too much to lose to be involved in such a thing. But let’s be clear about one thing. It wasn’t heroin or methamphetamine he was selling. Many states have legalized pot and I seem to remember that pretty much everyone at least tried smoking pot in college. It’s a bad thing for sure. It is addictive. People waste their lives smoking it because it makes you want to sit and watch the world go by instead of participating in the world. I hope the kid gets the help he needs but I won’t crucify him over this. He made a mistake as kids often do. But as mistakes go it isn’t in the top 10 by any means. I’ve seen other kids get by with far more say at North Carolina where the entire government made excuses for one of their basketball players who had “just weed” with him.

    As far as the destructive power of pot goes it is nowhere near as bad as the alcohol we see advertised during every game on TV. That’s just true. But bootleggers go to jail too. You have to play by the rules and I don’t think any intoxicant is a good idea when it gets right down to it.

    1. I meant to say that kid from UNC was driving while smoking weed. It sounds like that may be true of Hatcher too but I haven’t heard that yet. At any rate that’s far worse than selling pot IMO. People die when you drive high.

    2. Agreed most people have indulged in pot here and there. There is a difference enjoying one here and there vs actually trafficking it when it is not yet legalized in every part of the country. Just hope he was not high behind the wheel as well.

  5. I don’t think his presence will be missed. He hasn’t been the force we all thought he would. Bonner, Laster, Ware and company will do just fine.

  6. Such a shame to see a young man waste his talent; hope he learns his lesson

  7. I commend Stoops on holding his ground. We want young men of character on this team. Hate to see Hatcher go, but we need guys that walk the walk.
    I’m sure some school will overlook this transgression and sign him up. He’ll get another chance.

  8. Ya Stoops did the right thing. It sure seems to be he’ll be losing out on a rare chance that only few get to do, just to light up a doobie. Oh well. he can team up with Darnell Dodson.

  9. One of the reasons kids are so willing break rules today is that adults are so willing to rationalize away the act of wrong doing; ie X is not as bad as Y. He could have been selling candy to diabetics and gotten busted but the offense is the same if it was against the law. I dare say that everyone on this board has partaken of a piece of chocolate but if the act of selling chocolate is against the law and against team rules, it is an illegal offense none the less. Rules are in place to control behavior and Team play is largely a matter of behavioral trust. If a player cannot control his behavior in following team and society’s rules, can you then trust him to participate on a team with control. Or, said another way, does behavior matter only when it has been compensated for?

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