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Ulis playing great but Murray, Briscoe doing their parts, too


Isaiah Briscoe says he's  happy when Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray have success. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Isaiah Briscoe says he’s happy when Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray have success. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Tyler Ulis’ dominating play has garnered national attention, and perhaps even overshadowed teammates.

That led to a couple of interesting questions at Wednesday’s media opportunity.

Coach John Calipari was asked about Jamal Murray taking a “backseat” to  Ulis, who was named national player of the week for his play against Georgia and South Carolina last week.

“It’s not really a backseat. The kid is probably one of the leading scorers in the country. That’s a heck of a backseat. Can I jump in there with you?” Calipari said.

“He’s playing a lot like Eric Bledsoe played, when he played with John Wall. I can remember Eric hitting 32 against Wake Forest in the NCAA Tournament, just going crazy. I remember 27-28 down on the road at Florida. They play off each other. One game one does it, the other game the other does it,”

Sounds right both about Wall-Bledsoe and Ulis-Murray.

Calipari said Murray, a freshman, is getting better.

“He’s still playing in pick-and-rolls. He’s playing as a scoring guard, which is helping him. The whole thing is not the position; it’s your decision-making. And that’s what’s improving for him and making him a better player and us a better team,” Calipari said.

Isaiah Briscoe got his time, too. He was asked about his numbers not matching those that Ulis and Murray have been putting up, especially recently.

“I don’t look at it like that. I think that I contribute every way on the court,” Briscoe wisely said.  “If I gotta score, if I gotta rebound, play defense, I just do everything. Like I said, Tyler and Jamal have been shooting lights out of the ball, and my assists have been going up so I ain’t mad at that.

“Yeah, I enjoy seeing my teammates shine. They deserve it. They work hard. So other than that, I’m just happy to be a part of what they’re doing.”


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  1. Jerry Tipton is the most negative beat writer that I have ever read. He should be ashamed to have asked Briscoe a question like that. I love watching Briscoe play, he plays outstanding defense, attacks the basket, and rebounds like someone who is 6’8″. Tipton is probably not basketball savvy enough to recognize Briscoe’s contributions. You can bet his teammates do.

    1. Tipton is a UK hater from way back. All these local yokels saw the arc of the careers of people like Forde after they bashed UK and hung a negative tag on the program that stuck. Jerky has been trying to play that same anti-UK card to get himself a national gig since day one. I refuse to read a word he writes if I know that I’m reading it ahead of time. He’s a disgrace to journalism. He’s a hatchet man, a muckraker, and a yellow journalist of the worst stripe.

      BTW I think a guy named Willis has had a significant impact on the team and the way they have turned around. He should get credit for his role. Lee has played much better lately also but I give credit to Willis to inspiring the whole team to play better defense and go after rebounds harder.

      1. King, you are right on the money about Willis. The whole season turned when he went into the starting lineup. The light bulb went on for him, and he was a different player. The two areas that he helped are rebounding, and stretching the floor. Teams have to pay attention to him on defense which allows the guards to penetrate more. It is no coincidence that Murray and Ulis are scoring at a higher level the past few games.

      2. Geez King. Reading between the lines, it sort of sounds like you don’t like Jerry Tipton. Loosen up a bit and tell us how you really feel.

  2. fairy flipton, fat turde and the rest should all be ashamed of the things they say without facts…how anyone can deny the value of Briscoe to this team is beyond me. His defense has kept him on the court and he has had some fabulous shooting games also. He is as valuable as any other member of this team. And King, you are right about Willis, he is the spark the team needed and I thank the stars above for the spark that his family and friends put in him….I hope that spark keeps igniting him.

  3. Can someone tell me why UK won’t revoke Tipton’s press credentials? That was completely out of bounds to ask Briscoe. Just crappy journalism at best. Someone please ban him.

  4. Glad to see Willis cone out of his shell.

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