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Calipari knows Indiana is “really, really good”


Credit John Calipari for not mincing words about why Kentucky and Indiana have not played since 2012.

I didn’t want to play home and home. I told them we would play two years in Indianapolis if you want. I didn’t want to play home and home. I didn’t want to go there, and they didn’t want to have to come to us. So that ended the series,” Calipari said after UK beat Stony Brook Thursday night tin Des Moines to set up a game against Indiana Saturday in the NCAA Tournament second round.

Calipari said Indiana coach Tim Crean should have been national coach of the year for winning the Big Ten despite the team’s injuries

“They had to adjust to how they play. What he’s done with that team in that league is incredible. He’s got a terrific passing team, a terrific shooting team, an attacking team,” Calipari said.

“I’s kinda unfortunate that this game is being played this early. This should be another round or two later. But it is what it is, so both of us are going to have to play. Tom knows the respect I have for him as a coach and as a leader and what he does. They’re really, really good. Like today they were really good.”


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  1. A little surprised that the team had the first game jitters as pervasive as they did but man Cal seemed to get their “buy-in” at halftime and with the exception of some sloppy play around the 10 min. mark in 2nd half these Cats were really rolling. We needed contributions from everyone and we got them. Skal had a great game. We know he will continue to be challenged with his ball handling and scoring at the rim, but if he can continue to get his blocks and hit his jump shots he will continue to be a big asset. Lee came out and got those 2 quick fouls, and I wanted to jump thru the screen and reach for his neck, but to his credit and apparently thru some manhood challenging from Cal at halftime, he got into the flow and did better. POY had a very solid game but continues to be weak with his rebounding for his size. TG for our defense the whole game but rebounding, and especially offensive rebounding, continues to be our achilles heel. This is all effort and “want to” because we continue to lose offensive rebounding to shorter teams as we have done for most of the year. Skal, Poy, and Lee had a total of 11 boards for the game while Murray and Briscoe combined for 18. If we can play at this same level on Saturday and get Ullis back on track with his offense we should be just fine. A big time shoutout to SB players and coach for their gracious comments of UK after the game. Hopefully the boys will go out now and Cream the Crean….can’t wait.

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