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Lee likes battle-tested Cats

Wade Upchurch Photo

Wade Upchurch Photo


NASHVILLE — Junior Marcus Lee says he has paid no attention for NCAA bracket projections for Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament.

“I mean, when we get bored, we try to look stuff up and try to figure it out, but they’re complicated. We don’t really try to deal with them. But we’re just excited to see what happens next and go on to the next level,” Lee said Sunday after UK’s SEC Tournament title game overtime win over Texas A&M.

He said he had no idea what kind of seeding to expect.

“I think we were told maybe a four or five, but not really sure yet. We’ll know in a couple hours,” he said.

“We’re playing amazing right now. We’re gelling perfectly right now, we’re getting things done. Now we’re going to go back and make some tweaks and make sure we’re perfect for the tournament.”

He said Saturday’s win over Georgia and Sunday’s win were both great NCAA tests.

“It’s fun blowing people out, but you never really understand what’s coming up next, you’re never really ready. Being battle-tested makes you always ready all at one time,” Lee said.


  1. Like Marcus said, “one game at a time.”

  2. It would be nice if Lee could find some type of game. I think he had 2 fouls in first 3 minutes played and really makes very little contribution. Believe he might have ended with 2 points and more fouls than rebounds.

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