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Southeastern Conference Tournament pairings

FIRST ROUND – March 9 (Wednesday)

Game 1       #12 Tennessee vs. #13 Auburn [SEC Network]                  7:00 p.m. CT


SECOND ROUND – March 10 (Thursday)

Game 2       #8 Florida vs. #9 Arkansas [SEC Network]                        Noon CT

Game 3       Game 1 Winner vs. #5 Vanderbilt [SEC Network]               25 min after G2

Game 4       #7Ole Miss vs. #10 Alabama [SEC Network]                    6:00 p.m. CT

Game 5       #6 Georgia vs. #11 Mississippi State [SEC Network]         25 min after G4


QUARTERFINALS – March 11 (Friday)

Game 6       Game 2 Winner vs. #1 Texas A&M [SEC Network]             Noon CT

Game 7       Game 3 Winner vs. #4 LSU [SEC Network]                        25 min after G6

Game 8       Game 4 Winner vs. #2 Kentucky [SEC Network]                6:00 p.m. CT

Game 9       Game 5 Winner vs. #3 South Carolina [SEC Network]       25 min after G8


SEMIFINALS – March 12 (Saturday)

Game 10    Game 6 Winner vs. Game 7 Winner [ESPN]                       Noon CT

Game 11    Game 8 Winner vs. Game 9 Winner [ESPN]                       25 min after G10


FINALS – March 13 (Sunday)

Game 12    Game 10 Winner vs. Game 11 Winner [ESPN]                   Noon CT


  1. Interesting note here in that a horrible call by an incompetent official resulted in a #2 seed and sharing the conference championship with a Texas school from Cowtown. USA (actually College Station is a pretty nice place but thanx a lot Pat Adams.

  2. UK has one thing in common this year with the only first round game. UK lost to two of the worst teams in the conference, Auburn and Tennessee.

    That is why UK is the #2 seed, not the loss at College Station, regardless of how that loss occurred.

    1. IF this is indeed factual then conference seedings do boggle ones mind.
      Two teams tie for a conference title with identical records (check)
      One of those teams has beaten the other in head to head competition (check)
      The winning team in the head to head is selected because the loser lost to other conference teams but not the “winning team” ?
      You’re saying then that head to head wins/losses have no importance in determining a conference tournament seed?
      If wins and/or losses are weighted why is this feature not made known to the general public?

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