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UK coach will miss seeing son’s senior football season

Legend Brumbaugh, center, made a visit to Texas A&M this spring.

Legend Brumbaugh, center, made a visit to Texas A&M this spring. (Twitter Photo)


Quarterback Legend Brumbaugh is drawing a lot of recruiting interest despite missing a big part of his junior season at Lexington Carholic because of an injury. He was also a frequent guest at University of Kentucky football practices and games because his father, Jimmy, is UK’s defensive line coach.

Father-son seemed to have a great relationship and it was always fun to see them together. However, that won’t happen next season because Legend Brumbaugh has moved to Florida with his mother and will play at Trinity Christian in Jacksonville.

“My wife’s mom is not doing well, so my wife is down there. It is what it is. We always talk on the phone. That is my guy. We will be fine, but I do miss him,” Jimmy Brumbaugh said.

Legend Brumbaugh is joining another successful program. Trinity Christian has won three straight state titles.

“It is a good football program. They have quite a few guys on their team that have some (college) opportunities. It will be good for him. He is back to close to my hometown. My family is around him and my wife can help her mom,” the UK assistant coach said.

Will the coach be okay on game day without his son?

“After next year, he is going to be on the road any way. He will be playing (college football) somewhere. It’s just a situation where he has an opportunity to go down there and my wife can help her mom,” Jimmy Brumbaugh said.

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