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Chasing Mark Buerger in Marching Ant 5K will start my Memorial Day

Mark Buerger getting ready for his 22-minute 5K Monday.

Mark Buerger getting ready for his 22-minute 5K Monday.


One advantage of  now being my own boss is that for the first time, I am basically enjoying a three-day Memorial Day holiday.

Saturday that included getting to join Michelle and Mark Buerger at a graduation party in honor of their son, Jacob. Trust me, it was vintage Mark Buerger — and that’s all I will say.

Today to got to join Mark for two hours on Community Trust Bank WLAP Sunday Morning Sports on WLAP (630 AM). Again, it was vintage Mark slobbering about auto racing and cutting off a few callers.

But Monday morning I am  not going to be able to keep up with Mark during the Marching Ant 5K in Stanford. The race starts at 8:30 a.m. and Mark plans to be finished at 8:52. He’s going to run the 3.1-mile course, including a brutal hill to start the race, in 22 minutes flat — or faster.

Now his Saturday training method was a bit unusual, but who am I to second guess since my goal is 29 minutes. And I know Mark can do it in 22 minutes.

The question is whether my buddy can do it in 22 minutes and not hurt himself. Running guru Jeff Galloway recently told me that “time is for ego” when  you are running. His motto is to run smart, not always run fast.

But not Mark. Maybe it is knowing he gets free homemade ice cream from 4 Generations on Main Street in Stanford as soon as the race ends. Trust me, the ice cream is great.

So wish the old guy luck tomorrow morning and say a little prayer for Mark — not to break 22 minutes, but to keep himself from getting hurt.



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