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Evan Daniels thinks Young-Porter package deal unlikely


One recruiting scenario that would pay huge dividends for Kentucky in the 2017 recruiting class would be if the Trae Young-Michael Porter rumored package deal came together and both signed with the Wildcats.

But could that really happen? I asked my buddy Evan Daniels, national recruiting director, what he thought. He travels the country watching recruits and his insights are always based on information he gathers first-hand.

“I think it’s unlikely they end up a package deal anywhere. Is it possible? Certainly. But more often than not these things don’t work out,” Daniels said.
But what if it happened? What they fit well together in John Calipari’s system?
“In terms of their abilities, both of them can really shoot the ball from long distance. Young is crafty and creative, while Porter has terrific size for the position and impressive athleticism,” Daniels said.

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