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Pigeon Forge Retro Weekend was a fun two days

Getting on stage as an age division winner with Jeff Galloway Saturday was an honor for me.

Getting on stage as an age division winner with Jeff Galloway Saturday was an honor for me.


PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. — There was not anything about Retro Weekend that I did not like.

Pigeon Forge is always fun and we stayed at Willow Brook Lodge for the first time and it was delightful and within walking distance of the LeConte Center where Retro Weekend activities were held.

Obviously, the race of 5 miles, 916 yards — a distance guaranteed to let you set a new personal best because of the unique distance — was fun. Race organizers and the city of PIgeon Forge did a great job making the course safe and fun.

And Retro organizer Steven Hall knew what the over 40 group would like. He brought in running guru Jeff Galloway who did 1 1/2 hours clinics on both Friday and Saturday.

I really liked hearing retired Air Force Colonel Lee Ellis, a prisoner for 5 1/2 years in Hanoi during the Vietnam War when his plane was shot down, speak. Ellis is an international speaker and consultant on the subjects of leadership and human performance, organizational integrity, operational effectiveness, and personal accountability.

He ran the race mainly with Galloway and was an inspiration just to be around. He also led an hour seminar and veterans were a big part of the weekend.

There were more seminars, swing dance lessons, and great music. Woodie and the Longboards put on a three-hour performance Saturday night with music by the Beach Boys and the Eagles.

Hall isn’t sure about plans for next year. But if there is another Retro Weekend, count me in and you should check on it or not.

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  1. Good job, Larry, proud of you. You do mature people proud. Ron Chilton aka Radio Ron is still participating in sports at age 80 and working at Amazon…the man is unstoppable, just like you. I admire both of you.

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