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Poythress, Lee, Briscoe all NBA combine alternates

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)


Really it should be no surprise that Alex Poythress, Marcus Lee and Isaiah Briscoe are alternates for the NBA combine.

That doesn’t mean they could not be draft choices, but it makes it a lot more unlikely if they were not one of the players invited to the combine.

Poythress can still work out for teams and take his chances as a free agent — which might be better because then he can pick his team.

Lee has indicated he wants to go pro. Maybe he’ll get a free agent look or maybe he will go overseas to play professionally. He could also come back to UK, but he has made that sound doubtful.

Briscoe should get the message and come back to UK for a sophomore season where he could play himself into a first-round draft pick.

Really, I am not sure why Poythress and Lee thought they would be draft picks after the inconsistent seasons they had at UK. Briscoe had a much better season, but his suspect outside shooting has been a red flag for NBA personnel.

Of course, the NBA alternate list made it impossible for ESPN analyst Dan Dakich to resist taking a shot at UK basketball again.

“Wow..from McD’s to fringe..going to school doesn’t help all..Lee/Briscoe could come back but would it help?” Dakich posted on Twitter.

He is right. All three were McDonald’s All-American. But to indicate that playing at Kentucky does not help a player is just idiotic — which is normal for Dakich.

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  1. 01-64-Derrick Willis-Sr
    02-09 Marcus Lee-Sr
    03-173-Dominique Hawkins-Sr
    04-JUCO-Mychal Mulder-Sr
    05-55 Charles Matthews-So
    06-09 Isaiah Briscoe-So
    07-52 Isaac Humphries-So
    08-17 Tai Wynyard-RFr
    09-13 Wenyen Gabriel-Fr
    10-26 Sacha Killeya-Jones-Fr-72%
    11-11 Edrice (BAM) Adebayo-Fr
    12-03 De’Aaron Fox-Fr
    13-05 Makil Monk-Fr

    The current 2016-17 roster of scholarship, or former scholarship players now stands at 14. Coach Calipari can get to the limit of 13 by taking Floreal’s free ride away for his senior year, which I suppose is part of Coach’s plan. However, chatter continues to indicate that Coach may yet add one more player to the 2016 freshman class. Who else will either leave or yield a scholarship to make room for this final addition?

    I am sure Coach will also figure that out. Perhaps he is hoping that Marcus or Isaiah will ignore the warning signals and jump into the draft anyway. Perhaps Mychal Mulder is suddenly expendable.

    One last point. Note the absence of Juniors on this roster. Does this mean no senior day for 2018?

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