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Seriously? Jacob Tamme on a “players you love to hate list”

Jacob and Allison Tamme attended this year's Super Bowl as fans. He has played in two Super Bowls, but hopes play in the Super Bowl again.

Jacob and Allison Tamme attended this year’s Super Bowl as fans. He has played in two Super Bowls, but hopes play in the Super Bowl again.


It’s no secret I am a Jacob Tamme fan. Always have been, always will be. I still proudly have an Indianapolis Colts jersey with his name on it from a Super Bowl season.

Yet SiriusXM NFL Radio host Alex Marvez has Tamme as  one of four players on a list of “players you love to hate.” Seriously, Jacob Tamme — the same player who won the Bobby Bowden FCA Award at Kentucky and annually hosts a golf scramble to raise money for Wounded Warriors — is on the players you love to hate list with New England quarterback Tom Brady, Carolina quarterback Cam Newton and Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman.

Marvez explained on Twitter that “someone called” and said they hated that Tamme caught Dallas Clark’s touchdown passes at Indianapolis the year Clark was hurt and could not play. Seriously, that’s the reason Marvez put Tamme on the list.

However, give Tamme credit. He’s had fun with this rather than being angry.

He tweeted, “I am making it a life goal to finish with more votes than @RSherman.”

I don’t know whether to be glad his  “life goal” came true — he actually won the voting —  or not but I do know I would surely put Marvez on the list for “dumbest question by a sports personality ever.”

Tamme was also just named one of the three tight ends with the lowest drop pass rates last season, according to Pro Football Focus. The other two were Dallas’ Jason Witten and Pittsburgh’s Heath Miller.

Tamme had 59 catches for 657 yards and one touchdown in his first season with Atlanta after previously playing with the Colts and Broncos.



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  1. It is absolutely bizarre to find Tamme’s name in any list that includes Brady, Newton and Sherman unless it’s for the Pro Bowl. Jacob is the epitome of effort, teamwork, community and humility in professional sports… not to mention just a great guy. Glad to see he is holding true to form during such nonsense.

  2. This Marvez character appears to be a prime candidate for employment at ESPN where truth and accuracy have no meaning.

  3. Marvez would make a good AD for Louisville.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous! Marvez is an idiot.
    Its obvious that he does no research.

  5. Heard America’s First News do a short piece on this today… think it was titled “The NFL’s Most Hated Player”. They were very complimentary of Tamme and made a point of letting everyone know that he had great fun with the contest. His dedication to community service and work with our veterans was highlighted.

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