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Calipari glad to have three point guards again

Malik Monk

Malik Monk


Kentucky’s first summer basketball practice resulted in high praise for freshmen guards Malik Monk and De’Aaron Fox.

One, or both, will have to try and run the team like Tyler Ulis did  last year. So take a look back at the recent comments coach John Calipari had when asked about advice he would give to anyone trying to fill Ulis’ shoes:

“You’re not filling his shoes. This is a totally different team,” Calipari said. “But De’Aaron Fox is really good. Malik  is really good. With Dom and Isaiah,  again you have three point guards. We had three point guards last year. That’s why we became the most efficient team in college basketball on offense.

“That’s what we were. It’s because we had three point guards. Well, we’re doing it again. Malik and De’Aaron are different, but they’re both guards. De’Aaron will probably have the ball in his hands more than Malik, but Malik will probably score the ball more because he just has that ability, even though De’Aaron can score too. But you still have, like I said, three point guards in Isaiah Briscoe.

“And then Isaiah brings the toughness. Look, for Isaiah, he just has to show the improvement of shooting the ball, and he really doesn’t have to make every shot. You just can’t miss every one. Just be somewhat consistent. And you know what, I think when you see him next year that’s what he’ll be.”

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  1. I’m hoping Briscoe gets his shot going. He could be a first rate guard if he does. He is tough as nails on defense and he’s a really good rebounder. I think his toughness will be an example for the new guys too.

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