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Couch knows key to UK’s season, bowl chances


It’s not hard for former Kentucky and NFL quarterback Tim Couch to figure out what coach Mark Stoops needs to have happen this season to get Kentucky to a bowl game.

Couch was one of those who helped convince Stoops to leave Florida State for UK and also had a hand in putting Stoops in touch with Neal Brown, Couch’s former teammate who was Stoops’ offensive coordinator the first two years at UK.

Each of the last two seasons, UK got five early wins but could not get a sixth win to become bowl eligible. Couch believes UK can change that this season with one big if.

“I think Drew (Baker) is the key to this deal. I think he is ready to step up and be the guy. He has a better supporting cast around him to help him make plays. He just has to go out and do the job now,” Couch said.

Nothing shocking, but just more indication of the pressure Barker has on him this season.


  1. Everyone knows that Drew has the ability to do exceptionally well in college football. What he needs now is maturity and professionalism. Yeah, I know he’s still a kid but at the QB position in a major football college program, you don’t have time to make a kid’s mistakes, or at least you shouldn’t. Getting the job done takes 110% focus with no distractions. There is always one more thing you an do to get the job done!

  2. The QB is important, and as the SEC Coaches pointed out in Birmingham, it is a difficult position to play. However, the offensive line must perform, the running backs must fight for extra yards and hold on to the ball, and receivers must block downfield and complete the pass plays. The UK offense has missed out on all of these elements in recent years despite having a capable QB in Patrick Towles, who ended up shouldering the majority of the responsibility for UK’s missteps offensively. He shared responsibility but unless these other offensive elements take care of their business, there are limits on what Barker can get done.

  3. I think the biggest question mark for this year’s UK football team will be the defense, particularly the Dline and LB’s.

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