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Did Kidd-Gilchrist take shot at UK football? I say no, no, no


If there is one person I am sure would never deliberately insult any University of Kentucky athlete. That’s why I hope everyone understands Kidd-Gilchrist was joking Saturday when some took offense at what he said about UK’s new $45 million football training facility.

Kidd-Gilchrist, a starter on UK’s 2012 national championship team who now plays for the Charlotte Hornets, was in Lexington to participate in the UK’s SkillZ and DrillZ Camp for boys and girls ages 7-17.

During his media conference, which he ended by shaking hands with media members,

Kidd-Gilchrist talked about the changes on the UK campus, including the football practice facility.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “And I’m very, very jealous, like we didn’t get a new (basketball) facility here. I really, really don’t understand that. I really don’t understand that one.”

He said he didn’t want to even see the new facility?

Why not?

“I’m not a fan of … football?,” he said.

No, I was not at the press conference. I did watch the video — several times — of what he said. No way was he serious because that’s just not his nature.


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  1. Look at the basketball digs that were here at UK long before football even got a second look. He has to be kidding right? Hope you are right Larry V. If MKG don’t clear this up, he just lost a fan. There are many football fans that will take offense at what he said or didn’t say. Why say something that stupid for fun? It makes no sense.

  2. Larry pup, I’m still a fan of MkG regardless weather he meant it or not. We gotten too sensitive of what. people say now a days. There’s more important stuff that’s going on than what MKG said.

  3. Well maybe so, but let Drew Barker say something stupid like that about UK basketball and see what happens. MKG was stupid to even imply something like that,, joking or otherwise. Basketball facilities at UK are second to none and have been forever. He should have no beef, you kidding me? He showed a jealousy and a disregard for UK football that is sad to see coming from another UK athlete that has been shown lots of love and admiration by all UK fans. It has taken UK 40 plus years to put UK football facilities on a par with basketball . I heard what MKG said and he didn’t sound like he was joking around to me. If he was, he should come out and clear this up. My opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  4. Larry Pup, no problem sir I respect your opinion.

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