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Jack Givens: Opposing coaches thankful for UK’s one and dones

Jack Givens talks to UK fan Mike Johnson at Saturday's Ohio UK Convention. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

Jack Givens talks to UK fan Mike Johnson at Saturday’s Ohio UK Convention. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


FRANKLIN, Ohio — College coaches don’t tell the truth about John Calipari.

No kidding. That’s what former Kentucky All-American Jack Givens said Saturday at the Ohio UK Convention here when talking about the one-and-done strategy that has worked for Calipari at UK.

“I am fan and I like having these guys here for more than a year. There’s nothing good about it,” said Givens. “Think of some the players here and think of some that could have played together if they had stayed for more than a year.”

But now here’s the funny part — that actually could be true.

“You hear all these coaches complain about one and dones. Do you know that at night when these guys go to bed they get on their knees and say, ‘Thank you Lord for these one and dones.’ Just think about it. Coaches don’t want to play against that at Kentucky if those guys all stayed more than a year,” Givens said.

“I am not a one and done fan. I know you fans don’t like it. You guys like to know everything there is to know about players. But just remember those other coaches like the one and done when it comes to Kentucky.”

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