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Les Miles’ summer: Shangaied in Austin, broken toes catching daughter’s pitches

LSU coach Les Miles can be a lot funnier than what most people might realize from watching him on the football sidelines. Enjoy this rambling story he told about his summer today at the SEC Media Days.

“I was shanghaied in Austin, Texas, and taken to Cleveland, Ohio, to watch a Game 6 in the NBA Finals and root for LeBron James. I’m so happy for him. I could not tell you. But it happened very unusually. I was meeting my eldest daughter in Austin, where she attends. And my son, North Carolina quarterback backup, decided to come. And I said, Okay, this is going to be my vacation. I’m going to Austin. We’re going to get sun. We’re going to work out. We’re going to eat big. I’m going to be with the two eldest.

Kathy took my youngest and went to fast-pitch softball. I got there and the — first thing we said, come on, we’re doing this. We had no plans. We’re going to bed, we’re going have fun, dadadadada. Next morning, What do you think? You want to say here, Dad? I said, What do you mean do I want to stay here? This is where we’re going to be. I brought my stuff. He said, Bring an overnight bag. We’re going to go to a lake. I’m not set up to bring an overnight bag. This is an overnight bag, and I’m carrying all my stuff with me. He said, okay, good, let’s do that. Oh, by the way, we’re going to stop at the airport. I said, Airport? I knew there was a lake in Texas we were going to go to. They said, No, we’re going to take you someplace else. And I said okay.

When they did, they checked me in. My son’s first name is my first name, Leslie. And he checked me in, and I found out as we sat at the gate that we were going to Dallas. He said, Yeah, there’s a lake in Dallas. There is. We used to live in Dallas. Certainly I thought I was going to be at one of those little lakes outside of Dallas.

Then we landed in Dallas. We’re going to Cleveland. I knew then. I had a big smile on my face because I was going to get to see basketball. I didn’t have any idea. John Heikki (phonetic), who is currently employed with the Texas A&M team, and is doing a great job for them, is a friend of mine and arranged tickets that were just spectacular. And I am a ticket — if it’s not a good ticket, I am not going.

So I got really good tickets, and I had a blast. I saw my college roommate at dinner, and it was a — it was unexpected completely. And the Cavs won then, just so you ladies, the Cavaliers, Cleveland, LeBron James, and although it was a wonderful series with going to the seventh game, I could not have been more happy.

My wife and I have been separated. She’s with Ben Myles taking unofficial trips around this country, looking at schools. And he’s fortunately being recruited by some very quality schools. And Macy Myles, my 12-year-old who turned 13 — I’m done with — all of my kids are now older than teenage, or teenagers, so I’m messed, I got a problem.

But I was catching her in flip-flops, and that’s a mistake. You never — anybody that’s a parent or want-to-be parent, you never catch a son, pitcher, or female fast-pitch softball pitcher in flip-flops. Let me take it back. Flip-flops and a can. Because when you sit on the can, you put your feet on the can, and it’s an obvious position to be hit. So I broke two toes in my right foot catching her. So I went to Cuba, and Cuba is a communist country, and that was kind of the reason that I went.”

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  1. This one lost me about the third paragraph.

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