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New UK training facility “incredible”


Kentucky’s new training facility will be showed off to media members this afternoon and I can’t wait for the tour after seeing pictures Thursday when the players got their look at the new facility.

Jeremy Jarmon was at Kentucky for four years and then played two years in the National Football League with Washington. He was impressed with what he said.

“Everything is so well thought out. It is incredible,”  Jarmon said.

Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow has said the facility is easily among the top five in the nation. Others have speculated it is better than many NFL training facilities.

“That is not going too far about the NFL. That is very accurate. I have been to five or six facilities and the one UK has put together is state of the art,” Jarmon said. “A lot of NFL teams are not into the business of updating training facilities.

“Those NFL teams are not recruiting. The NFL attitude is that if you have the basics, that’s it. In college, you have got to keep up and Kentucky has more than done that.”


  1. Long overdue. Good to see this football upgrade at UK.

  2. Sounds like a great facility…think the only thing we are missing is a established HC. Also read today that Mt. Elam has lost 30 more pounds. It would be nice if he could gain some toughness…can’t wait for kickoff.

  3. Are you real? Any person with the obsession you seem to carry for a football coach might find it necessary to seek psychiatric help. OCD, in it’s later stages is, or can be a devastating affliction. I thought it was humerous earlier but now with the HC thing and taking cheap shots at 19/20 year old kids?? You need help.

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