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Alex Poythress on Malik Monk, Bam Adebayo, Isaac Humphries

Malik Monk, left (Vicky Graff Photo)

Malik Monk, left (Vicky Graff Photo)


During his career at Kentucky, Alex Poythress had a lot of talented teammates. That’s why what he said about UK freshman Malik Monk seems significant.

Poythress was back at UK for the John Calipari Pro Camp and while he was in Lexington he had a chance to play against Calipari’s next team.

“Malik (Monk) stood out to me. He’s real athletic and real gifted offensively. Stuff like that,” Poythress said.

What about Bam Adebayo, perhaps the most talked about freshman?

“He didn’t play. I’m not sure (why). He just wasn’t in the gym when we played. But he’s big, physical and I think he’s going to be real good for them, too,” Poythress said.

Jamal Murray did not play against UK’s freshmen, but said he knew plenty about them.

“They’re all very talented, very skilled, versatile, score the ball, do different things. They’ll have a good team next year,” Murray said.

But another tidbit that Poythress threw out could turn out to be even more significant next season.

“Isaac (Humphries) stepped up, too. He’s gotten a lot better. I think he’ll have a big year,” Poythress said.

If he’s right, Kentucky’s chances for a special season get a lot, lot better.

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