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Elam’s hand in cast and mouth closed to media this week

Matt Elam's play could be just what the UK defense needs next season. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Matt Elam’s play could be just what the UK defense needs this season. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s open football practice for media members today produced two surprises for me involving junior defensive lineman Matt Elam.

First, he had a cast on his hand.

“Nothing major. Just preventative. Just something with his thumb,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said after practice.

Second, Elam turned down an interview request. He’s always been a go-to guy for the media and I was a bit shocked he turned down a chance to talk (so did Denzil Ware). I wondered if he not liked something I wrote or said.

“No, he’s just tired of talking about his weight. He’ll talk next week he says when it is game week,” a UK spokesman said.

I can accept that — and like it. Elam clearly wants his play, not his weight, to do his talking and that’s a good sign for UK. Plus, he still looked a lot slimmer in practice than he did last year and maybe even slimmer than when preseason camp open.

“Matt, he’s got to continue to fundamentally play better. He’s improved in certain areas. His conditioning, his weight is better, but it’s still a work in progress,” Stoops said.


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  1. For Elam, it’s time. I wish him well. I think the talking for some of these players needs to stop for awhile anyway. Talk after the season is over. Let the coaches do the talking for now. Elam needs to worry about playing football and his class work. Take care of business this year Matt. Show us you can be a real force on defense.

    1. Exactly LP. It’s time for this team to set talking aside and walk the walk. I think they will do exactly that.

  2. Elam still a work in progress….what a shocker, eh? When has this team not been a WIP since Stoops and staff have been here? I get so tired of Stoops “have to look at the film first” comments and “we still have problems tackling”. This has been our problem for many years but seems to be even more pronounced since Stoop’s arrival. It is still hard to believe that Stoops came here with good defensive credentials.

  3. In my humble opinion, I think the fans should not piss and moan before the season starts. Wait and see what they put out on the field and then you can either be excited to watch the Cats play or you can belly ache to your hearts content. I imagine that some people wouldn’t be happy if they were given free cash, because it would be the wrong color of green.

    As for Stoops, his staff and the players at pre season pressers and interviews, what more do you want? Would you prefer all of them to give you the inside scoop on how they are going to attack and defend each team?

    And, for those that want to run down Mr Elam, I bet you wouldn’t walk up to him in person and say those disparaging remarks. I do think that civility is lost, because people have that sense of insulation by posting mean things on the internet.

    The season hasn’t started. I am looking forward to the Cats having a winning season and ending the bowl drought.

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