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Garrett Johnson got the “Juice” at Kentucky

Garrett Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)

Garrett Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Did you ever wonder how Kentucky receiver Garrett “Juice” Johnson got his nickname?

I did, so I finally asked the player many think could be UK’s most consistent receiver this season.

“In between high school and college, I got it. After my senior season, I was coming up here and that’s how it started,” Johnson said. “I really can’t remember how it started, but once it did, it just took off. I  love Juice Johnson.”

Even his mother likes the nickname.

“Sometimes she even calls me Juice. She slips up and calls me Juice and it makes me laugh,” Johnson said.

Johnson does not get back to Florida — a 14-hour drive — often. He does call home a lot.

“It take s a little toll on you but when I call back home the only person I talk to is my mom or dad and they are rooting for me always,” Johnson said. “That makes it easier to have that support back home and they are up here a lot.

“But I am so happy I came here. Everything happens for a reason. I feel like that choice was the right choice and just me coming up here, I have really grown. It made me be more my own. Made me become smarter, and I needed that.”



  1. Great athlete. UK needs Juice to have a big year.

    1. You got that right Buddy. Something tells me we’re not going to see a lot of dropped balls this season. Gran and Hinshaw have a handle on this bunch.

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