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How many true freshmen will Stoops play?

Jordan Griffin, right, could be one of the true freshmen playing this year. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Jordan Griffin, right, could be one of the true freshmen playing this year. (Vicky Graff Photo)


How many true freshmen out of Kentucky’s talented 2016 recruiting class will play this year?

That’s a question Kentucky coach Mark Stoops is not ready to answer. However, UK’s two-deep depth chart for the opening game Saturday night against Southern Mississippi has five true freshmen listed.

“I think some of the guys that we have listed on the depth chart there you could see (in a game) or you may not, we will see how it goes. With the players that are on the two-deep depth chart, we anticipate needing them at some point,” Stoops said.

“A guy like (offensive tackle) Landon Young, we will see, because you know we have some flexibility with the sixth-seventh-eighth offensive linemen. It is the next best off the bench. We have some flexibility to put somebody in at guard and kick a guard to tackle with George Asafo-Adjei. So we will see how it goes and see how he (Young) progresses. But he is practicing with the two-deep and we think he will be ready to go.”

Tight end Justin Rigg could play after the transfer of Daryl Long. He’s behind C.J. Conrad and Greg Hart.

“Rigg is a guy that in the same way we anticipate needing him at some point during the year with two very good tight ends in front of him. But as you know, it is a very long season and he is a very good football player,” Stoops said.

Same with defensive lineman T.J. Carter, defensive backs Jordan Griffin and Davonte Robinson, linebacker Kash Daniel and running back Benny Snell.

“If you look at Davonte and Jordan, much like a year ago with the freshmen that we talked about with our starting corners, they weren’t ready until maybe game four, game five, game six. So we will see how these freshmen progress,” Stoops said.

“The nice thing is that they are not needed right now to plug them in as a starter because we have some other good guys in front of them. But we do need depth and these guys have shown us they have the ability to play for us this year.”

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  1. This does look different this year because of all the sophs and juniors that played last year, and now have experience. If a true freshman plays this year, it will be because of merit and not because he is needed for lack of depth.

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