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Towns: Media helps make UK special for fans


He might have only been at Kentucky for one season, but Karl-Anthony Towns is a true Kentuckian — and even likes the Kentucky media.

“This is a place that’s very special to me in my heart. It’s always been special to my family as well because of you guys,” Towns said Thursday during a break at the John Calipari Pro Camp.

What a star UK player who embraces the media and isn’t afraid to say so?

“You guys have made this a very great experience, a great life that I’ve lived here. It may have been one year, six months, but I’ve been able to fulfil a lot of achievements, a lot of joy and a lot of excitement into six months that people get in their whole lifetime, being here at the University of Kentucky,” Towns said.

“I can’t thank you guys from the media, to the fans, especially you guys. Even though as media, media get a bad rap and you guys have been absolutely nothing but classy, professional and very fun to be around.

“It’s all thanks to you guys that you make this a program to fans, giving them the inside information they all want, but just giving us as players the confidence to talk to you guys, and willingness to open up to you guys is what makes it so fun. It makes it so fun especially to be sitting in this chair talking to you guys.”

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  1. Kat, we thank you for giving us the insight while you were at UK.

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