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Eddie Gran on Cats: “They frickin’ played hard.”

Receiver Garrett Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)

Receiver Garrett Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Give Eddie Gran credit for not making any excuses Tuesday about what went wrong in the second half of Saturday’s 44-35 loss to Southern Miss when UK was outscored 28-0.

“In anything, it’s details. It’s everything. It’s coaching. It’s fundamentals. It’s them taking care of their business, maybe a play call. You can go back and look at the 56 plays or whatever it is and I wish I had about six calls back. I really do, but you can’t do that every week,” said the UK offensive coordinator.

“You’re not going to be able to take those six calls back. So we’ve got to be able to handle adversity when things, when momentum shifts. We’ve got to be able to handle that better.”

But Gran made one thing clear — UK players did not quit in the second half.

“They frickin’ played hard. You watch at the end, was anybody not going to the ball and doing the right things, but it came down to when it got down to the end, OK, then you’ve got to do all the little things where you go 6 yards, 6 yards, 6 yards, I think 7 yards and then a holding call,”Gran said. “But you can’t put that on anybody, OK, because it’s always we. It’s about our offense; it’s about the play; it’s about the process of the play.

“Well, we had a couple of things that happened on that play that nobody knows about that if we insert right we don’t get knocked back a little bit, we’ve got an unbelievable play. It’s those little details we’ve got to clean up.”


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  1. You’re kidding, right??

  2. I don’t even know what to say.

  3. Be careful Eddie, Stoops will throw you under the bus and blame it all on the offense again.

  4. Guess now we have seen first hand what the UC folks were saying…..Gran can only execute one half at a time.

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