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J.B. Holmes ready to go for BMW Championship win


September 10, 2016

JB Holmes

Carmel, Indiana

Q. That was around that had a lot of promise. How would you grade that, if you were grading something like that?
JB HOLMES: It was a great round. To come out here on Saturday and put up a good score, no complaints out of me. I had some chances there the last few holes, hit some good shots, actually some pretty good putts and they just didn’t go in.

Q. Speak to the change in conditions. It was rainy early and then it got hard, the wind was really difficult on the back nine, right?
JB HOLMES: Yeah, it really picked up. It changed a lot over the first four or five holes, kind of rained the first couple and then it stopped for a couple holes and then after that the wind really picked up. So, it was a little more difficult on the back nine for sure.

Q. You came into FedExCup playoffs a few sort of average finishes for your high level of play but you found something this week, is there anything special going on?
JB HOLMES: I just made some more putts this week. I’ve actually hit it pretty good the last couple weeks, I just hit a lot of lips. I hit a lot of good putts and they just weren’t going in. This week, I’ve got a few to drop.

Q. Thoughts on tomorrow?
JB HOLMES: Should be fun. I don’t think we have rain to worry about, so I’ll just go out there and enjoy the moment and hopefully shoot a good score.

Q. With 68 today, 14-under for the tournament, what have you liked most about especially the last two days?
JB HOLMES: I played well. I made some putts, I hit the ball well, I’ve done everything good, I hit my approach shots good, my wedges have been good, and I made some putts. So, my driving has been pretty good, it’s been loose in a few spots, but I’ve been able to come out of that okay. And it’s just been a fun two days.

Q. Not only are you in position to win the BMW Championship, but also moving on to Atlanta, what is your mindset going into Sunday?
JB HOLMES: Just the same thing, just going to go out there and have fun and just enjoy being in one of the last groups at a TOUR event. So, hopefully, I’ll continue to play well, but I’m going to enjoy the experience no matter what.

Q. Good chance to get to the TOUR Championship. What’s your mentality going into tomorrow?
JB HOLMES: This week I didn’t think anything about it. I just came to the tournament to do, try to win every tournament I come to play. So I was just — I’ve been playing well coming up to it and was just hoping to put things together this week.

Q. How aggressive are you going to be tomorrow with the tournament on the line, with a berth in Atlanta on the line?
JB HOLMES: I’m definitely going to try to win. That’s the goal is to win. So, winning takes care of a lot of things. So, I’m just going to go out there and play the best I can and let things happen as they may.

Q. You got to the TOUR Championship for the first time last year I think, based on that experience how much do you want to be back?
JB HOLMES: It was cool to get there. I played well all year and it’s nice to be at the last tournament of the year and have a chance to win the FedExCup. So, hopefully, I’ll play well and get there and have that opportunity again. It was a lot of fun.

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