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Jordan Jones says some Cats “tend to feel sorry for themselves”


Kentucky fans didn’t need CBS-TV announcers to tell them how poorly the Wildcats played in Saturday’ loss at Florida and called it “embarrassing” for the Wildcats.

Yet coach Mark Stoops did not fault his team’s effort that much despite the fiasco.

“I didn’t notice anybody rolling over, but the guys – we certainly didn’t have a lot of energy, that’s for sure,” Stoops said.

But did the Cats quit after they got behind?

Based on what Joe Mussatto of reported that sophomore linebacker Jordan Jones said after the game, the answer might be yes. Kentucky gave up 564 yards and 28 first downs and 45 unanswered points. Combine that with the 29-0 run Southern Miss had in the opener, and that was 77 straight points allowed by the defense in two games.

“Sometimes when we’re down, a lot of people on our team just tend to quit and think it’s over, and I don’t think it’s over until it’s actually over,” Jones told Mussato. “I think as a whole team we all need to work on fighting back and not giving up and realizing the game’s not over until it’s actually over.

“I think we need to put in more input, watch more film and have a little more swag to us and not give up. Because a lot of times when the offenses score a lot of points and they’re up by a lot of points and our offense isn’t doing very well, people on the defense, and the offense, too, just tend to feel sorry for themselves.

“So as long as we realize we got this and keep fighting back like we’re supposed to — it’s football — then I think we’ll be good.”


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  1. If these comments are true, then Stoops is recruiting players with the wrong mentality. Having said that, I think Stoops is just as guilty as the players. He seems to panic when things don’t go as he thinks they should.

  2. Very telling remark by Jordan, who by the way played his heart out. He’ll probably be forced to transfer for expressing his feelings. One thing is for sure, something is wrong big time.

    1. He probably didn’t make many friends, even he was obviously correct.

  3. I feel sorry for them

  4. I’m seriously thinking about signing up for an anger management program tomorrow because I have incessantly wanted to put my 10 fingers around the necks of both Stoops and Eliot. I am still upset with the crimes they have perpetrated on the BBN…fraudulent depiction of themselves as football coaches able to reverse the trend of bottom feeding in the SEC. It appears they never had the backing of their team, have lost the confidence of the BBN, and have a high probability of going “winless’ in the SEC this year.

  5. The Cats could learn a lesson from that other cat team in the region, the Bengals. They fought hard today coming back despite 7 sacks and a very talented NY Jets team playing at home on the anniversary of 9/11. The Bengals never quit even when it looked bad for them. They never do actually.

    That comes first from the coach. If UK’s players are quitting then it’s time to replace the coach because he is paid to make sure they don’t.

  6. MS:”I promise the faithful of the Big Blue Nation I will be focused and driven to create a positive, winning atmosphere for the program and an environment that all of Kentucky can be proud of.”….hmmm I’m not feeling proud or positive or I don’t believe the players do either.

  7. I’d line these players up single file, make them look in the mirror and tell the rest of their team mates what they see.
    Then follow up with the staff.

    1. Then repeat

    2. Coach Dawson said it correctly: “good players make coaches look good” and caught a lot of grief for it from the press and some in the BBN. I think maybe he was sending the BBN a “between the lines” message.

  8. So much for their power back, Horton. He ain’t played a down yet. If they keep running Boom like they are he’ll be out before the season is half over. A stable of backs and they run one back primarily. Gran was making all these comments about all the UK backs during the talking season, and sort of implying Boom has to buy in, etc. Now Boom is the featured back like I knew he would be all along. No problem with that from me if they can keep him healthy. Most attention should be given to revamping the UK OLine. It don’t matter who they have in the back field if they can’t control the LOS, and run block, and protect their QB.

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