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Mark Stoops: “This is not a job, this is my life.”

Chris Westry (Vicky Graff Photo)

Chris Westry (Vicky Graff Photo)


During his weekly press conference Monday, Kentucky coach Mark Stoops was asked how he was doing after his team’s disappointing 0-2 start — including a disastrous last six quarters.

“I am not happy. How can you be? This is not a job, this is my life,” Stoops said.  “But I promise you I am going to get back to work and I cannot wait to get back on that field today. That is for sure.

“It is never fun for coaches that way. But the thing about it is, no matter what and where you are at it is always the same, it is just different. It is same. You think that being a coordinator at Florida State is easy? We have some different cats here and there, but it is not easy.”

Stoops started his coaching career as a defensive backs coach. Kentucky’s secondary was supposed to be the strength of this year’s defense. So far, that has not come close to happening.

“I am disappointed. That is that fine thing. I try to talk nice about them but then they listen to it. But if you don’t do the work, it isn’t worth anything,” Stoops said. “They are good kids and mean well, they just don’t understand yet. And they are sophomores and I will be in their meeting today. Their football IQ is going to go up.”


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  1. I do hope he can make the necessary changes to at least make this team respectable. Sometimes it is something small to change, other times it is a much bigger problem. I don’t think any of these kids like losing or being embarrassed on national television, so they need to realize their efforts in practice and in the game have a lot to do with the outcome. Being a teacher, I can tell you that most kids today do not understand that consequences are usually based on their actions.

    1. Absolutely right Fan. A lot of these recruits are used to being on teams that win consistently. Not real sure they know how to play from behind. They can’t just go through the motions and strut around. They aren’t high school hotshots anymore.

      Time to grow up.

  2. While UL basks in the limelight with their very productive coaching staff and player execution on the field, we wallow in the cesspool of being one of the bottom 5 teams in the country in many categories. Stoops is a Poser and a scumbag for the scamming of Barney and the BBN into thinking he might be the guy. The country continues to laugh and shake their heads at the buffoonery taking place in Lexington. There is no end in sight for this train wreck. Stoops Poops and we will not be able to clean it up. Can you imagine what this is going to do with current and future recruiting? Anybody enjoying this more than Petrino?

    1. Mke,

      No need for character assassination. We all agree his coaching skills left much to be desired at this point but labeling him a scumbag is out of line.

  3. We will be there Sat. getting tired of this every year hoping this is the year. I have not missed a game in 22 years. We have already bought tickets to the Alabama game. If I don’t see a HUGE difference in the next two weeks, i will just stay home the rest of the year. Pretty much already decided I won’t renew my season tickets next year. Enough is enough!!!

    1. Yeah…. I did that for this year. It’s depressing enough without having to pay the big bucks to watch this debacle. There has to be something in the water in Lexington to cause this. We have better facilities that Louisville, EKU, WKU and Murray; we have the same recruiting pool and according to everyone, our recruits are better than ever. What is about Lexington that prevents our players from executing when those other schools can? And, it’s not just this year. This goes back ages!

    2. Didn’t renew my tickets this year Gene. Had a hard time justifying the expense. And that’s after more than 25 years as a season ticket holder.

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