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Why not Austin’s Rose rocking ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’ for UK-Georgia pregame concert

Taylor Cornilles and Tim Gore of Austin's Rose are UK fans and could make a perfect duo for a UK pregame concert.

Taylor Cornilles and Tim Gore of Austin’s Rose are UK fans and could make a perfect duo for a UK pregame concert.


Kentucky’s pregame football concerts last year were a big hit with fans — and groups that performed.

So far only one pregame concert has been set for this year. I am still hearing that one with J.D. Shelburne might be coming again and that would be great.

But today I want to suggest that when Kentucky hosts Georgia on Nov. 5, a perfect presume duo would be Austin’s Rose.

Taylor Cornilles and Tim Gore has a special music and the husband-wife have a way to bring a crowd to life.

We’d love to try to play a UK presume show when UK plays Georgia on Nov. 5th. I think we could really rock it with all the new original, and upbeat fiddle songs that we do including ‘Devil Went Down To Georgia,'” Cornilles said when I asked about her thoughts on playing in Lexington. “We are going to be up there playing that night at Stagger Inn on Nov. 5th any way, so it would be awesome if this would work out

“We could do a pregame party or show or anything like that. We would love to do it. Any kind of pre-party for any game would be great. We would love that, too.”

Cornilles, an Oregon native, plays the fiddle, guitar, piano, and mandolin.

Gore was born in Dallas but his parents moved to eastern Kentucky when he was young. He plays guitar and has written over 500 songs. He’s also a die-hard Kentucky fan and has been for years — and he has converted Cornilles.

They go to UK basketball and football games any chance they get. They were at last year’s fiasco in Nashville when UK lost to Vanderbilt.

“We will also be in Lexington at the Stagger Inn Oct. 27-29,” she said. “We would love for UK fans to come out then as well to see us. We love Big Blue Nation.”

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  1. I’d second that motion! Tim is a former Redhound. Spent many an hour with him in the gym and on buses a few years ago!

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