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Guest post: Does Florida have any real incentive to reschedule game with LSU?


With no UK football game occurring this weekend it is interesting to see what is happening around the SEC. The most interesting occurrence in my opinion is the controversy over the rescheduling of the LSU vs. Florida game that was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew.

Because both schools’ schedules do not match up well going forward and both schools want to maintain a seven-game home schedule it appears that the game might not be played at all. That is where the interesting part comes in.

Florida’s remaining SEC schedule is Missouri, Georgia, Arkansas and South Carolina. All winnable games.

LSU’s remaining SEC schedule is Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas A&M. Not so winnable with Alabama and A&M on the schedule.

Should Florida not play LSU and avoid a potential loss and run the table on the rest of the SEC schedule here is what ESPN says could occur.

“If LSU at Florida is not rescheduled, it could have huge implications on who plays in the SEC Championship Game. If Florida wins out and Tennessee loses one more game, the Gators, with a 6-1 league record, would qualify over 6-2 Tennessee because of a better conference winning percentage — even though Tennessee won the head-to-head meeting vs. UF.”

Most likely Tennessee will lose to Alabama this weekend and that loss would put UT at 6-2 in the SEC if they win out in the rest of their SEC games. If Florida wins out (and they have a good chance to do that based on the schedule) Florida would play in the SEC championship against most likely Alabama.

The league office states that they cannot force both teams to reschedule the game but they will “strongly encourage it.” If you are the athletics director at Florida, knowing you already have a loss to UT, would you try to move heaven and earth to make the rescheduled game happen?

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  1. Should Florida win out but not be forced to play LSU, and UT winds up at 6-2 and UF at 6-1 the cancelled game should disqualify UF from the championship game IMO. That is the only right and fair way to solve this scenario since UT beat the Gators already. UF and LSU could reschedule that game if they really wanted too. That should not be allowed to happen, and I dislike both schools, but fair is fair.

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