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No change yet with QB Drew Barker’s status

Drew Barker (Vicky Graff Photo)

Drew Barker (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said Monday there was no new update on the status of injured sophomore quarterback Drew Barker.

He has not played the last three games because of a back injury that forced him to leave the New Mexico State game — UK’s third game of the season — after one series.

“No big jump one way or the other,” Stoops said.

Stoops said he was not ready to rule out that Barker could return this season since UK still has six games left.

“Not ready to make that decision – or the doctors aren’t ready to make that decision,” Stoops said.

The coach also said Barker is not planning to have surgery “at this point” on his back.

“I will let you know, obviously, if that’s the avenue that we move towards. I’ll certainly let you know,” Stoops said.

The UK coach said Barker has been “very supportive” of UK’s other quarterbacks by helping any way he can.

“I’ve been proud of him that way. He’s worked hard. It’s hard to get in the position he did and it was very quick start, so I don’t know how the ending is going to go and I don’t think he does, but he’s doing whatever he can to help and I appreciate that,” Stoops said.

Barker sometimes is at part of practice and then does rehab because standing at practice does not help his back.

“We do as much rehab as we can and then there’s meetings and part of practice,” Stoops said.


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  1. I don’t see Drew making it back this year. It would be difficult. He needs to heal and get ready to compete again next year if he’s healthy.

    1. i hope that drew is going to be okay but this injury seems to still be a little mysterious.

      1. Where you been man? I have missed your commentary. You must be laying low.

        I think Barker’s injury is more serious than we have been led to believe. I know this, something ain’t right about his sudden unavailable status for weeks now with no real hope of a return anytime soon. SJ is doing OK. I think he gives this team leadership.

        1. Pup…..still checking a few times daily so guess maybe laying a little low. I am trying to jump back on the Stoops train. The next 2 wks will be critical for that. If we lose either, I don’t think we will have much of a chance to go bowling. If we win both, I think we will have a decent shot of finishing 7-5 which would be outstanding. As I said at beginning of year, if we just win 6 I will be very satisfied.

          1. Glad you are back. Keep the conversation lively.

        2. Harrumph. Nobody missed me. I’m hurt.

          1. Good one Norman. You are never far away from UK football my friend.

  2. I wish Drew all the best.

  3. I hope he takes the time he need to get better beyond this year. This is a small moment in his life with lots more ahead. I am glad they are nut rushing him back.

  4. Back injuries are always tough. Sometimes they just never heal. It depends on if it was a muscle or tendon tear or a herniated disc. Youth is on his side but not if he keeps injuring the same thing. The Dr’s have to be very careful. The kid may have only one chance with this thing.

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