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Stoops confident Johnson will improve

Stephen Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)

Stephen Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)


For Kentucky to get to six wins, quarterback Stephen Johnson has to become more accurate with his passing after completing just 10 of 24 passes against Vanderbilt and was lucky to just have one pass intercepted.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said after Saturday’s win that there was no immediate move expected to rush Drew Barker, who left with a back injury after the first drive in UK’s third game.

“Stephen will settle down. We all know we need to throw the ball to win some football games as we move forward, and we will,” Stoops said. “I talked about the protecting the football, but I also talked about getting back to confident and attack mode and moving the ball.

“We did early, like I said, you hate to when momentum shifts, we have got to be able to go to some things and the run game helped us win this football game. If we weren’t able to run the ball, it would have been very difficult to win this game. So, I think that, but, yes, we do want to throw it as we move forward.”



  1. Beautiful day for a Football game with a lot of hometown friends. Exciting game! Stoops is right, we will need to pass to win some games. Loved the running game, but we will need to be more balanced moving forward. We need three more wins badly. GO CATS!!!!

  2. He’s a sharp young man and will find his groove again. This team is growing. Good to see things beginning to click for Stoops and his troops.

  3. Amen. Tired of all the negetive comments.

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