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Asbury kept pressing, so UK kept passing and scoring

Derek Willis had 14 points, five rebounds and three blocks in 15 minutes Sunday. (Chet White/UK Athletics)

Derek Willis had 14 points, five rebounds and three blocks in 15 minutes Sunday. (Chet White/UK Athletics)


Kentucky had eight players score in double figures against Asbury in Sunday’s easy 156-63 win and had 34 assists, a number it will not come close to again any time soon.

Calipari said playing unselfish is what players have to do at UK.

“Every one of these guys could try to get 30 (points). You’ve got every one of them that have that kind of ability, and they know they have to do it together,” Calipari said.

“The one thing we’re not doing right now is we’ve got to post the ball, and you saw later in the game I just forced them to throw the ball inside. You cannot play winning basketball unless you have a post presence.

“How about Bam’s energy? Was that crazy? Like, his motor? Well, if he plays with that kind of motor, and he can do it for a long time in the game, you better play that way or I can’t take his minutes and give them to you, whoever you are. I mean, and then he’s going to play every minute he can play.

And so, okay, he missed a free throw, he missed a jumper, it doesn’t matter. That motor is how you win ball games.

“I tried to do some stuff with Wenyen (Gabriel) because I told Derek (Willis), ‘I know who you are, I need to keep learning about this kid, which is why I played him more.’

“De’Aaron Fox showed his speed. Just, why are you jogging it up? Well, you know, to play that way more than four or five minutes is really hard.”

Fox had 25 points, five rebounds, four assists, four steals and one blocked shot Sunday night. He said Calipari told the team to just keep playing when it built a huge lead.

“If they keep pressing, we keep attacking. We didn’t really change anything. One thing he told us, to start throwing it to the post because the post in a game like this it’s hard to get the ball to the post. Just emphasis on getting the ball down low,” Fox said.

“When a team presses like that — any team that presses, not just this one, they give up a lot of points in the paint just because they’re getting up and down. They don’t care if you score. They’re just going to come right back just as fast.”

Fox said “it just kind of happened” when the lead approached 100 points and then got to 100.

“I’ve never done it before. I’m 95-percent sure nobody on this team has done it, but we did it and we’re not thinking too much about it. We just gotta move on to the next game,” Fox said.


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  1. This game proved absolutely nothing to me except that UK played a team that was completely outclassed at every position on the floor.

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