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Calipari to fans: Bring kids to Bahamas to see Cats for open practice and more

John Calipari wants fans to bring families to the Bahamas to interact with his playes.

John Calipari wants fans to bring families to the Bahamas to interact with his playes.


Kentucky will be in the Bahamas Nov. 28 to play Arizona State in the 3,800-seat Imperial Ballroom at the Atlantis– Paradise Island resort on Nassau’s Paradise Island, the site of the yearly Battle 4 Atlantis tournament.

Friday UK coach John Calipari encouraged, or maybe even pleaded, for fans to make the trip and also bring their children because of special opportunities he has planned for fans.

“I would like the Bahamas stuff to be a family trip. In other words, we’re going to have open practice. So, we have 2,000-3,000 people, we’re going to have an open practice. Do some stuff with the fans,” Calipari said.

Like what?

“We’ll try to have some sort of get together where it’s an experience where you get as close to this team. You’re not getting that close in Vegas and you’re not getting that close up in New York. You’re just not. It’s a different environment,” the coach said.

“We’re playing Arizona State. It’s not like we’re playing a team that’s not good; they’re a good team. Let’s make this a terrific weekend. You’re on the island. You’re in a great venue. It’s a great setup. I understand the New York and I understand the Vegas, but I think this is going to be the trip.

“And again, I want it to be like a family. We’re all in there, you’re watching practice, you’re getting to get around the kids (players) and get around our staff. Have a function, do something down there where we all get together before we play that game, which will be played on a Monday.”


  1. Hey Cal, I be glad too if you paid for the trip!! LOL!!!!

  2. Everyone should make such a trip once in their lives. The Caribbean experience is fantastic. The people are great and there is much to do between games. If you can, make it a goal. You’ll want to go back.

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