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Guest post: What could capacity crowd tonight mean to Kentucky players?

Vaught’s note: Casey Craiger is a student at Boyle County High School and aspiring journalist who is being mentored by Kentucky Sports Radio’s Freddie Maggard. Enjoy her guest post.

Kentucky fans could help UK players such as Landon Young, right, with their support tonight.

Kentucky fans could help UK players such as Landon Young, right, with their support tonight.


We all have our passions, and although I enjoy football I cannot say that it is one of mine. Having a dad that loves football and encountering many fans on a daily basis, I can say that this game Saturday against Georgia is as anticipated as Kylie Jenner’s new lipkit.

All jokes aside, I have seen UK fans, I have heard UK fans, and having been to games myself, I have been immersed in the UK spirit firsthand. There is an undeniable electricity that a player feels when they walk out and they know that the audience’s hopes and passions for their team is being projected audibly.

Even though they have never met these people and likely never will, the support behind them is undeniable. The family atmosphere and mindset is created. The player believes that this is their kin and they don’t want to let them down. The fans are out in full force and the bond between them and the players they are supporting can do a lot to change the outcome of a game.

The mindset of the players for the opposing team can be just as impacted. Although safety is provided in a stadium there is just a little fear that the handrail and wall caging the enthusiasm of the opposing fans could be unleashed upon you at any point. The feeling of danger is always waiting on the outskirts of your every move.

It is no secret that the home team advantage is a very real thing. Having a sell-out crowd would be the perfect addition to playing on a field they know very well. A supportive and cheering atmosphere is the exact thing the Cats need if they hope to win against the Bulldogs. The audience can play a crucial role in the success that will come to the Wildcats on Saturday. We all have had an experience at some point in our lives where our parents were watching us. Imagine this circumstance minus the parents and the entire dynamic of the situation changes.

This feeling is exactly what the players need to feel when they walk on the field on Saturday night. Having someone there cheering you on feels just as good when you are four as when you are 24. What will it mean if the Cats have a big turnout on Saturday? We will see.

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