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Kentucky misses chances, falls to Georgia 27-24


This was Kentucky’s chance to position itself for a potential Southeastern Conference Eastern Division title. Instead, Kentucky wasted too many opportunities and lost 27-24 to Georgia Saturday night on a field goal by Rodrigo Blankenship at time expired.

Kentucky had tied the game with an Austin MacGinnis field goal after having a first down inside the Georgia 10-yard line thanks to the WildSnell featuring freshman running back Benny Snell. He ran for 114 yards and two scores but after two runs did not get the ball in the end zone, Kentucky went for a third down pass by Stephen Johnson that was incomplete. Snell had 114 yards rushing and two scores.

In the third quarter, Kentucky receiver Garrett Johnson fumbled in UK territory to set up a Georgia field goal. On UK’s first play after that score, Jeff Badet dropped what certainly would have been a 75-yard scoring catch that turned into an interception.

Kentucky also gave away three points early in the third quarter when a MacGinnis 44-yard field goal was negated by a holding call on UK tight end C.J. Conrad.

Kentucky’s defense wore down as the Bulldogs executed a perfect game-winning drive. Quarterback Jacob Eason twice found receiver Javon Wims for 12-yard gains and then he hit Terry Godwin for a 16-yard gain. Sony Michel, who had 127 yards and one score, was able to get the ball inside the 10 for the final field goal try.

“I just didn’t like a certain look in our eye … I’ve just got to do a better job of getting them to play with that mentality,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said  after the game.”There’s a lot of disappointed people in that locker room.”

That’s because after Florida lost to Arkansas earlier Saturday, a win over Georgia would have put UK in first place in the SEC East going into the next game at Tennessee.

“There’s always things that you can do better and that we’re always going to do that. We’re going to look at ourselves and look at every situation and try to execute better in critical situations. And there’s certainly things we can do better and start, like I said, it starts with me and there’s a few calls in particular that I wish I could have over, and didn’t happen,” Stoops said.

“But I thought our guys made some critical stops and were battling and grinding it out and when they were at 16, I think, that’s when we needed to make a stop there.”



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  1. A very disturbing loss. It is hard to believe that with so much to be up for in this game we didn’t respond to our performance in last 3 wins. Stoops said they had a good week of preparation so I guess we will have to take his word for it. That is still a major part of his job description. They knew the stadium was going to be at capacity, they knew that a win would have them #1 even if only for a short time, they knew this was not a good Georgia team and yet we were not mentally prepared to take on this game. The defense was on the field. too long…the DL seemed to be very porous..Stoops supposed to be a defensive mastermind but he did nothing to put pressure on the quarterback…Gran had done a great job in the last few games and even had the announcers extolling his wisdom but with exception of the double reverse early on, he called a very conservative game and is getting some heat for same. If we had won this ballgame and won at Southern Miss we would probably looking at 8-4. Now we will probably finish end 6-6 and will have to back into a bowl game by beating a cupcake. I feel this loss will be deflating for the team, and I give them a very low chance to beat UT. I am not sure we will even be able to keep it close. I had earlier said I would be happy if we finished at 6-6 and will have to stand by that but “oh my” to think what could and should been. You don’t win many ballgames when you go 3-13 on third downs, and when your quarterback has -1 yds on 5 rushing attempts. I will be surprised if he starts 2017 as starting quarterback. He still scares me when he drops back to pass.

  2. Gran has a new name. Eddie “Woody Hayes” Gran. Nuf said.

  3. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a perfectly executed football game. Both teams had missed opportunities. We hung our hat on the running game and played one of the best run defenses in the SEC. What did we expect…. 400 yards on the ground? Cmon folks.. the Cats played hard but the stats said it all. Unfortunately, Georgia was the better team last night. Hate that but it happens. Now we have to dust ourselves off, get pi**ed and concentrate on Tenn.

    GO CATS! !!!!!

  4. I thought it was a great game. Just some missed opportunities. Yes, there are things that could have been done better or differently, but you are still talking about “kids.” When some of you that think “you know it all,” when you know what makes kids click, please let me know. I have 4 of my own and would love to know what makes them go. I do know enough to know they are not robots and the Energizer Bunny has nothing to do with it.

  5. Old fan amen to your post!! Some people take it to far when it comes to criticizes young people and coaches. Besides there just human beings not robots like you said. The people that does the mouthing I’m sure there not perfect at there professional spot. Go Cats!

    1. Cats79…I am sure you weren’t talking about me but i agree with your comments, but there may be some exceptions. I am a senior and a little older than you, but i am normally in the top 10 of the sales team i work with now. I put a high priority on winning at anything i do. It was a good game for both teams but in probably the most important game during Stoop’s tenure the team had no sense of urgency in his words.

  6. Cats 79…. UK (and the taxpayer) pays these coaches a few million dollars every year to put these kids in a position to win. They fell short of that goal Saturday. The kids played their hearts out and yes made a few mistakes but they are young men who will do that occasionally. But they did not get a lot of help from their coaches and that is inexcusable since that is what they get paid for.

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