Stoops: Georgia always has good players

Mark Stoops was not happy after the game at Georgia last year. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Mark Stoops was not happy after the game at Georgia last year. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky has not had much success against Georgia in coach Mark Stoops’ first three years at UK. He hopes that changes tonight when the Cats have a chance to win their fifth straight SEC game and clinch bowl eligibility.

“I felt like we really didn’t play very good and they really manhandled us those first two years. Last year, we had some difficulties moving the football and I probably made the frustration move of going for it on fourth down when we were only down seven, but again, we weren’t moving the ball so at some point you have to take some risk, whether it was a good risk or a bad risk,” Stoops said.

“At some point you have to try to make something happen. I tried to make something happen and it didn’t work and we ended up losing the game. I am not for sure we would have won if I would’ve punted it, but anyway. We need to find a way to move the football.

“They are very good defensively. This is a very talented football team. I say it every year, when we play them, they are an absolutely good-looking bunch. I know by Georgia standards, they are maybe not playing to the level that they expect and will under (coach) Kirby (Smart) as he builds it and gets it going.

“But they still have some awfully good-looking football players that are big and physical and can run across the board. They probably have three backs that will play in the NFL. They always have good players.”

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