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Calipari understands team has to experience “growing pains” like it did at Louisville

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


John Calipari was frustrated with what his team would not do in Wednesday’s loss at Louisville.

“We wouldn’t drive it. What do you think I was saying every huddle? Do not settle, drive the ball, go right at these guys. Don’t get your shot blocked because if you miss it we’ll rebound it. Just don’t get it blocked,” Calipari said.

“Had guys shooting them under. It’s a tough environment. This is – they have to go through these kind of growing pains, and then I’ve gotta be able to see what I have to do as a coach. Unless you’re doing this kind of stuff – the North Carolina game, the Michigan State game, the Kansas game coming up, the game at Mississippi coming up. Those are – that’s why we do this. And we’re playing young guys and it’s hard. It’s hard,” Calipari said.

Even though Kentucky had not had to be efficient in its half-court offense this season, Calipari said that was not a factor in the Louisville loss. He said the team works on half-court offense daily.

“It’s how we play. We’re not just flying up and down. We’re working on half court stuff because I know if you’re gonna win a championship it’s not running up and down, pressing and trapping, and being crazy and fouling. Because you’re gonna hit an official that’s gonna call fouls in the tournament and you’re out,” Calipari said.

“At the end of the day a good coach is going to make you play half court, and you’re going to make him play half court. But we’re working on it. Again, we’re 18 and 19. I’m out there with… but I’m going to Christmas. I’m out of here with my family like my team is for four or five days. And then we’ll come back and get ready for Mississippi.”

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