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Monk committed to board work and pulled off season-high eight rebounds

Malik Monk had 20 points Tuesday, but his eight rebounds were even better. (Vicky Graff Photo)


For a player as athletic as Malik Monk, it would almost seem like rebounding should be easy. After all, he has a better vertical jump than probably 90 percent of the players in college basketball.

Yet going into Tuesday’s game against Tennessee, he had one rebound in the last three games and just six in the last four games.

But against the Vols, he pulled off a season-high eight rebounds.

“He went after it, he was committed to it,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said.

Monk agreed.

“Me just being around the paint area. I was just roaming around there. My brother told me if I roam around some, a couple, are just going to bounce to me. A couple did, but I had to go get a couple. I was just roaming around,” Monk said.

Senior teammate Dominique Hawkins said he had “no idea” why Monk rebounded so much better than he had been.

“But it’s great to see him grab eight boards like that. We’ve never seen it before and hopefully he continues to do it,” Hawkins said. 
“It’s actually not surprising because in practice he does it all the time. It’s just been in games that he hasn’t been able to pull them down yet.”

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