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Stoops on Lynn Bowden: “He’s just exceptional. He’s just dynamic.”


Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow agreed that Kentucky signed the best player in Ohio when they landed 6-1, 190-pound Lynn Bowden of Youngstown Wednesday.

“Lynn is exceptional with the ball in his hands. He’s explosive,” Stoops said. “As you know, I grew up in the same hometown, and I can’t tell you how many people would call and tell me that he’s the best football player they’ve seen come out of that area in a long time.

“Now, I take great offense to that. But I guess I was a long, long time ago.”

It was and that was a joke. Stoops might have been good — and so was Marrow — but they were no Lynn Bowden. He’s a four-star player ranked as the nation’s No. 5 athlete by one recruiting service.

He accounted for about 3,700 yards and 57 touchdowns running and throwing as a senior.

“He’s just exceptional. He’s just dynamic. He can play a lot of positions. What also makes him special is he’s so comfortable taking the snap. As you all know, we’ve made — you know, we’ve made some great headway with the Wildcat, and with a guy like that, he’s comfortable with the ball,” Stoops said.

“You can add a few wrinkles with a guy like that because he’s good at some of the read schemes that are involved with the direct snapping and reading, whether it be the power read zone, read, just different plays where there’s some options built in where we haven’t had that luxury yet. Plus he could throw it just enough.

“He’s not going to be our quarterback or anything like that on a steady diet, but he can throw it enough to keep people honest, and that we can build off of. But he will play receiver; you may see him some in the back field at running back. He certainly could play anywhere on defense, but I think he’s the type of guy where he changes the digits on the scoreboard, so you want to put the ball in his hands as many times as you can.”

Bowden owns or shares 16 school records and is Ohio’s sixth all-time rusher with 7,387 yards and 10th in rushing touchdowns with 91. He also excels in basketball, averaging 24.0 points, 6.0 rebounds and 7.0 assists per game as a senior.


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    1. Amen Norman. This is a good recruit! One player can mean the difference in a win or a loss. This guy is a play maker, in the mold of a Randall Cobb.

  2. Last time I looked we hadn’t given the Wills decision any more publicity and that is way it should be. As far as I am concerned, both he and Harris are “slime balls” for playing us like they did when they both knew they weren’t coming here. I realize Stoops has to fight to the very end and pull out all stops, but I don’t see 0-2 improving if Saban involved. It is also a little perplexing how Starkville can out recruit Lexington, but I guess it is based on solid evidence of program improvement and we haven’t earned that track record. Hopefully, we get that done this year on the field and do even better next with year with recruiting.

    1. Whoever this Mike character is, he doesn’t speak for 99% of Kentucky fans. There are always those few that are out on a cliff with opinions that should be kept to themselves. The above one is a prime example of that.

      Any young kid is free to choose whatever school they feel is right for them. It doesn’t matter what a fan thinks they should do. This type of thinking is what fuels those gossip rags at the grocery check out line. I could care less what movie star or fake celebrity is leaking a sex tape or has pledged to leave the country. Unless it is one of my family members or close friends, it is none of my business what anyone else does.

      I wish those young men nothing but the best in their college careers and hope they make it to the pros if that is their dream.

      By the way, the internet offers a veil of anonymity, that emboldens some people to say crass and mean things about others, without fear of retribution. I seriously doubt that whomever this person above that posted that nonsense, would say that to the young man in person or to his family members. The above poster should reveal his or her full name, place of employment, and town of residence. Maybe the public should decide if that poster is working at the job they should be or if they should go to a different company, that is assuming the above poster is employed.

  3. Mike you could have use better taste of words to the two recruits that sign for wonder our country is divided. These kids choose what’s right for them and I don’t hold no grudge against them.

    1. The country isn’t as divided as you think. If you take away George Soros paying for riots and protests, America as whole is in a pretty good place. What America could really use is a few unbiased media sources that don’t lean to the left or the right. Whatever is posted on the internet is taken as fact. Rumors are innuendos are the new baseline for news stories, not verified information.

      1. kyfan101, I respect your opinion, but America is tragically divided because of the hard left nonsense that we have had to endure the last 30 years, and particularly the last 8 years, under democrat/progressive liberals who have damn near destroyed this country. May I add the progressive nonsense taught in many colleges and universities that are turning out way to many spoiled little progressive anarchists and obstructionists have weakened America. NFL stars taking a knee during the National Anthem causes a great divide IMO. Many good men died for that flag, some of which I served with. Yeah we are divided. Just look at UC Berkeley is all you have to do, and the vulgar women’s march in Washington, DC with a level of vulgarity and profane language done openly in front of little children, and led by people like Madonna and Ashley Judd. Thank God we have some adults leading both Houses of Congress and a real American President now in the White House who will put this country first.. I know this is a sports forum, but I have had enough and felt compelled to speak out.

        1. I was not looking to get into a political conversation, but….my point is that the majority of people are not the radical thinking protestors that the media so happily portrays as the heart beat of the country. Just because Hollywood and the entertainment industry have no concept of reality, doesn’t mean the rest of the country has gone to hell. Things are never as bad or as good as they seem. Case in point is the the football team after their 0-2 record.

          Tenure is what gives academia the license to spout off about whatever they so choose and insulates them from the reality that the rest of the working class falls under.

          We should be talking about sports and the Wildcats on this site.

          Let’s take a look at Kentucky football fans who finally saw the end of the bowl drought. The coaching staff claim that this is their best recruiting class yet and claim that momentum is swinging their way. I would think that most UK fans would be happy. But, there is still a voice out there that finds something to complain about. It doesn’t mean that UK fans are any worse than other fans. It means that if you get a room full of people, there is always that one complainer sitting int he back of the room who would complain if you handed him a $100 bill and would think it is not the right color green. We hear the coaches and the local media talk about how solid the new class is, and then you hear somebody grumble that it still wasn’t good enough. I am glad those complainers weren’t my parents, when I was growing up, because I would have never made them proud.

  4. Let’s knock off the political bullspit !! It’s bad enough having to see “Coach Mike” run to his computer 15 minutes after the end of a game and describe, in detail, each and every error made by a player or coach. You’ll get used to this guy if you can stomach his crap and stay around Fan101
    Many hsve not
    But back to the subject at hand. Politics really has no place in sports, never has, never will. Still see two idiots standing on the awards podium, arms raised and the black panthers were born. 1968 olympics I think it was. Don’t need more of that

    1. Really? Well since you are all about talking sports, how do you feel about the skinny NFL black QB that won’t stand for the National Anthem Knob? Can’t get much higher on the sports ladder than NFL football. Pretty sorry if you ask me. No, I’m not a racist either. Like I’ve also said before, this is not your forum Knob. If Vaught says knock it off fine. Opinions were expressed here and opinions given, that’s all. I’ll leave it at that.

      1. Your level of reading comprehension, while never high, seems to have decreased Pupster. I’ll leave it at that !!

        1. Yeah we all know, you are the sharpest knife in the drawer Knob.

  5. Hmmmm, guess I can join this political conversation too. But the answer for both topics remains…



  6. Knob, That’s a prime example why people don’t get along when you calling the two guys on the podium idiot’s. No place for that on this forum and if you set down and watch ESPN story behind that 68 deal you would have a different perception what it was all about. Had nothing to do with the black panther partnership.

    1. I don’t need an espn story to “have a different perception” Cats!! I was there, in Mexico City, in their Olympic Stadium. What you didn’t see was the banner, condemning our country that was present and how these morons exploited it. It had everything to do with the BPP !!

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