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Colin Cowherd proves old saying is true

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


You can’t fix stupid. Not sure who told me that, but every day I see something that reminds me of that saying.

Once again national radio talk show host Colin Cowherd has shown that saying is true.

He blasted Kentucky coach John Calipari — something he constantly does — this week after UK lost 75-73 to North Carolina in the Elite Eight.

He blamed Calipari for UK blowing a five-point lead in the final five minutes and said there was never an excuse for UK not going deeper in the tournament.

“I think the questions about Calipari are legitimate,” Cowherd said on air. “He has three to four times the NBA firepower of even – forget average programs – of the star-studded programs. And once again, can’t win a fourth game. And I’m not giving you credit for the first two.”

And don’t forget the way he has harassed John Wall from the day he entered the NBA.




  1. You know it’s funny Cal has gotten more rap at ky than any other former UK coaches has gotten combine. Just because Cal recruits good players doesn’t mean were gonna win it all every year and iwas t pretty obvious that some people don’t want us winning it it easy saying than get it done on the microphone than coaching

  2. KSR a bunch which I have never paid a great deal of attention has a good article re. the officiating in UK’s elite 8 game. Interesting read. Google them.

  3. I read that knob it was interesting. Also read that some UK fans are going to sobtage Huggins business in which I thick it’s going to far

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