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Guest post: Let NCAA know how you feel about North Carolina-UK officiating

De’Aaron Fox (Jeff Houchin Photo)


As I watched the game on Sunday evening, I was struck by the degree to which John Higgins displayed his obvious anti-Kentucky bias and agenda on national television.  At halftime, I was convinced that he, and he alone, was responsible for a 10 point swing in the halftime margin. 


  • The two baskets by Edrice (BAM) Adebayo that he wiped off,
  • The mugging that various UK players sustained without fouls called on the North Carolina offending players,
  • The take out of the key UK players with foul trouble,
  • The foul called on Derek Willis after the loose ball scrum and UK steal, resulting in two North Carolina free throws instead of the UK possession, and
  • The mugging of De’Aaron Fox on the final possession of the first half without a foul call.  

I could go on and on citing examples  of John Higgins from the first half alone.  The video linked below shows it better than I can describe it. 

I emailed Dr. Mark Emmert Monday, and I encourage each of you to act.  Here is a link to my email, so you are aware of the approach I took.


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  1. Richard
    I have watched Kentucky Basketball since 1950. Everybody knows not to call me during a Kentucky Basketball game when they are playing. But just 8 minutes into the game, I had to leave the television because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My wife and some ACC fans couldn’t believe it. But I knew then that UK would lose because of the officiating was too obviously biased.
    After the game I Googled the referees, John Higgins, Kevin Kimble and Mike Reed. John Higgins had articles that he was the most hated referee. The other two were from the Missouri Valley Conference and Pacific 12 conference. The two conferences that UK had just eliminated from the tournament. But I have been remarking that my Dad played against Hank Iba but they wore pads then in basketball. When I played I guarded Jeff Mullins in high school, the second highest scorer in Duke history and held him to 8 points. I literally just barely touched him on his chest and it cost me his 8 points by free throws. Now I see the players are wearing pads again in those under uniforms they wear. The game has become semi football again and the referees just aren’t calling the obvious fouls. With all this technology of TV replays I think they should watch these games and grade the referees and those who score poorly should be removed from the court.

    1. Claude you are never one to complain, so this says a lot


    You can contribute to this effort and keep up with what is happening at the link.

  3. The video I linked in the original post is no longer there. Someone removed it. I do not know who or why, but look at Higgins’ behavior. Whenever his on court conduct draws the ire of fans (not just UK, and not just this week), he immediately contacts the FBI. He did so again on Monday. He plays the victim card like an expert.

    This man is not right. Read about what Seth Greenberg had to say about the officiating on his satellite radio show on Monday. I have observed his bias too many times, and said or done nothing. However, this is the final straw for me.

    Anyone interested in the video I originally linked can contact me, and I will provide a new link that is working, at least as of today.

    As evil as Higgins is, the real culprit here is the NCAA. Higgins should be retired from officiating, if not voluntarily, then by the NCAA, and the NCAA must eventually be disbanded. The time for this is now.

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