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Landon Young had to learn how to let his body recover at Kentucky

Landon Young (Savanah Stevens Photo)


Landon Young thought he came to UK physically prepared to play. He found out different.

“In high school I went out there and I was a big guy against a lot of little guys and I really didn’t have to adjust my body to going at a fast pace all the time against competition as good as me. I got a little taste of that when I went to the Army All-American Game and practiced a week with competition on my level,” the freshman offensive lineman said. “But going against top-notch guys in the SEC every week and having to get your body to recover for the next week has been a big thing to learn.”

Young never got sore playing football in high school. That changed at UK.

“It is a totally different game. I would wake up on a Sunday and think, ‘Man, I got to go get some treatment. This hurts,’” Young said.

He didn’t feel that the pain and soreness got worse as the season progressed because he learned “how to cope” with the soreness and how to take better care of his body.

“Once I get to my sophomore and junior years I will know what to do to keep my body fresh,” Young said. “Right now it is just guess and try and experiment with different things to see what gets your body back into full condition to play that next week. I have learned little things I can do to get ready to face the next opponent that will really help me next year.”

He also had to adjust academically and learn better time management.

“I had 16 hours (of classes/credit) this fall and balancing those classes and managing that with my football schedule was hard. We had practice until 6:30 at night and then had to go home and still try to spend time with friends, family. Doing all that it is difficult. You finally get in a routine, but it is hard. The classes are harder but I am doing decently well.”

What about hunting and fishing, his two favorite hobbies away from playing football?

“I got off on some hunting. I got myself a 12-point buck. Not much fishing now. That will come more in the summer, if I have the time,” he said.

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  1. This is why we should never get too excited about high school stats or highlight reels. There is a difference between playing against boys and against men. When the guy across from you is as good as you are, and is more experienced, you are in for a long day. Having said that, I saw tremendous growth in Landon from the start of the season to the end. That offensive line is going to be nasty this fall.

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