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Stoops has mixed thoughts on early signing period

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)


What does Mark Stoops think about the new early football signing period in December that starts this year?

“I think like anything, there’ll be some good and some bad in anything new. We’ll take some time to make an educated decision on that. Right now we’ll play with the cards that were dealt to us. I think, like I said, there’s good and bad. If you look through the years it certainly could have benefitted us in certain ways,” said the Kentucky caoch.

“I think it’s good, as far as having the early signing period, having that ability. As far as changing the calendar and all those things when you package it together I don’t think I was total in favor of that, but you have to make due with the rules that were given to you. So, a player that we have committed that I know very well that we’ve had a relationship with for a year, year and a half or so, if you want to clean that up and get him signed in December I see no harm in that.

‘With the change and bringing in the visits so early and all that, that’s something that’s going to take some thought and we’ll work our way through that.”

Stoops doesn’t know if the rule change will help some programs more than others. The theory is that a school like UK which gets early commits can now sign them in December rather than risk losing them before the traditional February signing period to a bigger name team. However, what’s to stop big-name teams from doing that in December?

Prospects may now begin taking official visits beginning April 1 through June of their junior years. They can sign during a 72-hour period from Dec. 20-22

As for Kentucky’s plans to utilize the new early signing period, Stoops said his staff would “definitely” be open to recruits inking their signatures in December.

“If we feel very comfortable with the player and we have a good feel for them personally, for their character and their families and we can get it knocked out, I definitely think we would use it (the December signing period) to try and get them locked up,” Stoops said.



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