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Snell always appreciates his linemen

Benny Snell (Vicky Graff Photo)


Benny Snell ran for over 1,000 yards as a true freshman at Kentucky last year, a rare feat in the Southteastern Conference.

So how does he let the offensive linemen know he appreciates the way they block?

“Every day I talk to them guys. I am always joking around with them. After a run or practice and they do something great I always compliment them. On weekends I am calling, hanging out The linemen are brothers to me,” Snell said.

“They appreciate that. Sometimes when there is not enough positive vibe in their ear to let them know they are doing good, it hurts. If I remind them they are doing good and the great job they did last year with 2 1,000 yard rusher, it helps. They need to be rewarded.”

Snell said the linemen never regret the attention he gets for his success that is due in large part to them.

“They never kid me back but I know how those guys feel about that. That why any time anything happens big for me, the linemen are always the cause,” Snell said.


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